Owner / Founder

Hi my name is Jeff and I’ve been having fun with computers for almost 40 years. From the moment I laid my hands on my first keyboard, I was hooked! I wanted nothing more than to tinker with and have fun with these amazing devices. Fast forward into my 20’s and I landed my first real IT job, and since then I’ve been helping others in business stay ahead of the issues that plague us with downtime.

Before I landed my dream job, I worked in sales and learned customer service techniques that would later help me hone in my abilities to better service my customers. As I’m sure you are fully aware – those in IT are typically seen as scary creatures that lurk in the basements of businesses. Never to be seen, and hopefully never heard from! We’re the pale skinned walkers in the shadows of the halls. Hiding our eyes from others, hoping they don’t see us or attempt to talk to us.

Wait… we’re not that anymore! We’re highly intelligent individuals. We come in all shapes and sizes. We’re your friends. Your family members. You can find us sipping a great whiskey or talking about some amazing food we tasted on a trip we took last summer to a place filled with sunshine and beaches.

I can’t speak for everyone in technologies – but for me – I enjoy conversations with my customers. Getting to know how they do their business and what stands in their way to get the job done quicker so that they can move on to the next task at hand. And I highly enjoy teaching my customers along the way.